Dear Devotees,

Continuity is the glue that binds one day to the next. One week to another. One generation to its children. Indeed, part of the Temple's beauty is the exquisite continuity among all visitors - devotees, donors, members and volunteers.

Continuity is very important for Wayne Hindu Temple & Gandhi Center. We fully depend on our devotees, generous donors, dedicated volunteers and well wishers. Our sincere thanks to everyone for extending support last year. Your participation is valuable to us. Please do continue to attend the temple functions in upcoming year with friends & family.

We wish you a Very Happy, Prosperous & Religious New Year.

Upcoming Events: New Year MahaPooja on Jan 1st at 4pm. :

Devotees who would like to perform any Pooja (Yajman) for the event please contact Arvindbhai Sastriji at 201-779-7275. Please visit website ( from more details.

Venue & Directions:

Hindu Temple & Mahatma Gandhi Center ,
714 Preakness Ave, Wayne, NJ 07470,
Tel: 973 595 7117

With Best Wishes & Regards,
Hindu Temple & Mahatma Gandhi Center